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This collection was put together by the previous mayor of Marseilles, Michel Carlini and his wife, Anita Mattei, the niece of the founder of the famous spirits company of Bastia. It was donated to the Museum of Bastia in April 1973.

It includes about a hundred works to do with the declining Ancien Régime, the revolutionary and the Napoleonic periods, some of which came from the collection of another passionate collector of the period: Doctor Fournier. They are mainly small, rare and precious objects: small boxes, games, miniatures and fashion accessories.

There are also engravings and other historic souvenirs: a letter written by Napoleon, an eagle from Fontainebleau etc.

The collection provides a very accurate vision of Napoleon’s iconographic heritage and of the refinement of the decorative arts during the Empire. It is also the opportunity to exhibit the work of collectors such as Doctor Fournier and Michel Carlini.

Collection Carlini